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I Just Gave My Life To Jesus...
What's Next?

Congratulations! This is a huge step in your life.

Below are six things that can help any new believer:

   Read the Bible

          If you’ve ever opened a Bible and felt a little lost, that’s okay. It’s not your typical book! The Bible consists of 66 books written over 1500 years by 40 different authors. The entire Bible is inspired by God and written for our instruction. A good place to start is with the book of John in the New Testament. It explains how and why God truly loves us. It also explains who His son Jesus is. If you don’t have a Bible, that’s okay, there are plenty of free apps and online versions, we recommend the YouVersion Bible app.


          God loves you and loves hearing from you! Communication is important in any relationship and prayer is just that, a conversation with God. He really wants to hear from you. You can tell Him anything and everything, and if you listen, you can hear Him speak to you too. You don’t have to speak or act a certain way. Just pray however you feel comfortable.

   Connect with a Church Community

          It’s really important to meet up with other people who follow Jesus too. To do that, we recommend joining a church. Of course we would love for it to be Connect Church but the most important thing is you join one.

   Share your faith

          It’s good news! Tell it, sing it, post it. Telling other people about your life changing decision is really important too. This is called sharing your testimony. There are lots of ways to share your testimony online and offline. Posting something to social media is a great way to start. Write it down and start sharing.

   Water Baptism

          This step is important because you are making a public proclamation to the world that you are a new believer. It signifies to everyone that Jesus has changed you and that you are a new person who is committed to following Jesus for the rest of your life.

   Get Involved

          It is vitally important that you do not waste time getting involved. Now that you have joined the family of God it is your mandate to help others by serving. Don't know what you can do fill out the form below and we will help you.